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The first time we met, it was in that library. It was quite funny, really: I was frantically looking for a book for a school project, when I saw he had it. And he wouldn't let go of it! In the end we decided to read it together though
сентябрь - время знаний. Начинается учебный год у школьников и их родителей, студентов и преподавателей. И хотя сегодня всё больше информации мы получаем через интернет, но в книгах есть своя прелесть.
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эти картинки, найденные в сети, мне кажутся осенними по настроению
Rainy days and fairytales - from http://reader-beautihunter.tumblr.com/post/124274330105

I wanted to place this photo on by board, Book Selections!  I decided to place it here because there is much Beauty that I wish to share with you.   Annie

Friday nights, 2006  Deborah DeWit born March 28, 1956 in Portland (Oregon), USA  http://www.deborahdewit.com/paintings/

Aeppol ilustaciones la efimera belleza 3

I Capture The Beauty Of Everyday Moments Before They Disappear Forever | Bored Panda

별다른 일을 하지 않아도 좋아요. 그저 집안에서 느긋하게 시간을 보낸다면, 그 또한 편안하고 행복한 하루가 아닐까요? You don’t need to do anything special. If you spend a relaxing time at home, isn’t that another comfortable and happy day?

Reading together


jpaddey: “Recent commission for a lovely girl named Mély. Check her out! @chaudronpastel on Instagram. ”

bellasecretgarden: “ (via http://mzk.livejournal.com/2434429.html | Lectura / Reading | Pinterest) ”

.  비가 오네요. 너무 큰 비라 창문을 잠그고 숨어 버렸어요.  혼자인건 괜찮지만 이런 날은 조금 무서워요  정말 이럴 건가요? 내 마음 다 알고 있잖아요...    치   .
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Блогерский марафон "91 день осени" - Задание №1; Задание №2 Задание №3 Задание №4 Задание №5 Задание №6 Задание №7 Задание №8 Задание №9 Задание №10 Задание 11 Задание 12 Задание 13 Задание 14 и 0 Блогерский марафон "91 день зимы" Задание #1 Задание #2…
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